Dakar: MTT West, United States Agency for International Development, USAID, 2005. 93 p.
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Ressources techniques et financières à la disposition du secteur de l'éducation au Sénégal, au Mali, en Guinée et au Ghana
MTT West
United States Agency for International Development, USAID
Version 1.0
The fight against HIV/AIDS requires resources and the purpose of this tool is to assist you in identifying financial and technical resources available to the education sector in Senegal, Mali, Guinea and Ghana. Of course, this information is current as we go to press but change is occurring at a rapid pace, resources continue to be made available and new alliances are being formed between donors and other stakeholders. Therefore, this document should be used as a tool to guide you in your initial research and should complement and not replace direct dialogue with partners at the country and international level. This publication is for you and it will be helpful to have your feedback on the utility of this document and its presentation. If you have any comments or suggestions, kindly send them to the MTT Project's Administrative Coordinator at vmoulayomar@acibaobab.org. If there is interest and funding permits, we will be able to update this version with future editions. This guide is also available in a French language version.
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