Arlington, VA: NASBE, 2012. 72 p.
Meyer, Lori
Johnsson Chiang, Rachelle
National Association of State Boards of Education, NASBE
This chapter provides model policies and guidance on developing multifaceted, coordinated policies to promote safe schools that protect students and help prepare them for a lifetime of safe living. It addresses a broad range of policy areas, including: Administrative procedures to collect and report data on injuries at school; Inspection and maintenance procedures to ensure that facilities, grounds, vehicles, and equipment are free of hazards; Safe, supportive, and disciplined school social environments that engage students in learning and do not tolerate fighting, bullying, or harassment; An education curriculum that teaches safety knowledge and skills and actively discourages violence and the use of alcohol, harmful drugs, and other substances; Advance planning for emergency management. Following an introductory section (“Injury and Violence Prevention: An Issue for School Leaders”), each subsequent section features model policy language based on scientific evidence and best practices. States, territories, tribes, school districts, or schools may wish to adopt an overarching, integrated policy as presented in section 2. Alternatively, more detailed policies on specific topics are presented in sections 3 through 8. At the end of each section is a list of selected resources. The chapter concludes with a list of acronyms and a policy checklist that summarizes the major points of each of the model policies.
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