Manila: Philippine National AIDS Council, UNAIDS, 2005. 61 p.
Philippine National AIDS Council, PNAC
The plan will serve as a blueprint for action in accelerating the country's response to STI/HIV/AIDS during the six-year period. Based on the assessment of the 3rd AIDS medium term plan (AMTP III), it is envisioned that the national response must:· intensify prevention interventions among highly vulnerable groups identified in AMTP III - people in prostitution (PIPs), men who have sex with men (MSMs), injecting drug users (IDUs) and clients of PIPs; and scale-up prevention efforts towards other vulnerable groups (e.g., overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs, youth and children)· expand coverage and integrate HIV/AIDS in the development priorities at the local level, giving priority to identified risk zones;· improve the coverage and quality of care and support for people living with HIV/ AIDS; and strengthen management support systems for the national response.
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