Tanzania Commission for AIDS, TACAIDS, 2009. 194 p.
Tanzania UR. Prime Minister's Office
Tanzania Commission for AIDS, TACAIDS
This Gender Audit Report presents findings on the gender dimensions within the national response to HIV/AIDS in Tanzania. It was centred on the existing documents on policies, guidelines, advocacy and monitoring tools that are used in guiding the strategies for multisectoral national response. The main purpose of this study was to conduct a systematic gender audit on national response on HIV and AIDS in Tanzania Mainland, by reflecting on programme priorities and practices for the past three decades as well as institutional frameworks in the context of gender equality, (beyond programs to personal and institutional biases in the institutional culture) in order to come up with data and recommendations which will be used to inform and guide the national strategic direction towards purpose-driven gendered responses to HIV and AIDS, specifically: To assess the gender responsiveness of the existing HIV and AIDS frameworks at national, sectoral and institutional levels by assessing program strengths and in challenges consistent with international guidance on human rights and gender equality; To assess institutional frameworks (policies, action plans and strategies) in the overall development and HIV and AIDS specific, that guide priorities within the planning and budgeting processes; To analyze programmatic and institutional gender gaps and come up with recommendations for gendered improvement and inputs for upcoming national processes.
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