Paris: UNESCO, 2002. 202 p., illus., figs., tabs.
This publication is the revised and updated version of the training manual
This document is a product of UNESCO's efforts during the last twelve years to increase awareness of gender issues. Its primary objective is to raise the sensitivity of educators to gender issues so they can incorporate a gender sensitive perspective in their work. The manual can be used for the orientation of policy-makers, curriculum developers, media professionals, adult learners and even the general public. It makes use of activities such as debates, analysis of films, case studies and stories, writing and drawing exercises and games which are designed to make important points and evoke strong emotions. It is organized in the following ten sections: 1) Breaking the ice- getting to know each other/hopes and fears; 2) Life and work- a reflection on values; 3) Reflection on societal views about women's and men's roles; 4) The multiple roles of women in society; 5) Education of girls and women - an overview; 6) Changing roles of women; 7) Women's work, women's worth- analysis of reading materials; 8) Analysis of drawings from educational materials; 9) Women - key to the future; and 10) Gender analysis - summing up.
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