Amsterdam: Global Network of People living with HIV/AIDS, GNP+, 2010. 47 p.
Cameron, Sally
Reynolds, Lucy
Global Network of People living with HIV/AIDS, GNP+
The Global Criminalisation Scan Report 2010. Documenting trends, presenting evidence is a document written on behalf of the Global Network of people living with HIV (GNP+) in 2010. This report gives a global overview of the extent to which criminal and other laws have been used to prosecute people living with HIV for HIV transmission and exposure. The full impact of these laws on the human rights of people living with HIV and on access to treatment, care and support has yet to be fully understood. However, the evidence presented here shows that there is no correlation between the HIV prevalence in a country and the willingness of countries to use criminal laws and other punitive measures to regulate transmission. The report gives examples of instances where people living with HIV have expressed concerns about negative consequences that come from the overly broad use of laws in cases of transmission and exposure to HIV. As Anand Gover's, the UN Special Rapporteur, conclusions on the right of everyone to enjoy the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health, this report calls for governments "to immediately repeal laws criminalising the unintentional transmission of or exposure to HIV, and to reconsider the use of specific laws criminalising intentional transmission of HIV, as domestic laws of the majority of States already contain provisions which allow for prosecution of these exceptional cases".
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