Geneva: UNAIDS, 2006. 72 p.
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Portée mondiale : comment s'organise la riposte des syndicats au SIDA : Etudes de cas de l'action des syndicats
Alcance mundial: cómo están respondiendo los sindicatos al SIDA: Estudios de caso de acción sindical
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UNAIDS Best Practice Collection
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Global Reach: how trade unions are responding to AIDS is a set of 11 case studies which illustrate the wide range of responses by trade unions to the HIV epidemic.The case studies, based on the experiences of working people in Africa, Asia, Central America and the Caribbean, show that the massive memberships and well-structured networks of trade unions are a powerful tool in the response to HIV. Extensive networks of working people in different countries have been spurred into action by the crisis, and are involved in the development of national policy, global framework agreements, community projects, sectoral alliances and worldwide collaboration between governments, employers and trade unions.The projects described in this publication contain a wealth of practical experience that trade unions, employers, governments and nongovernmental organizations can draw on and adapt in devising their own approaches to HIV. The case studies are examples of best practice that have been tried and tested in the workplace. They aim to support a process of reflection and learning by people open to new ideas and opportunities in their work on HIV.
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