Washington, DC: Synergy Project, 2004. 42 p.
Attawell, Kathy
This case study describes a collaboration between the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture, and the YouthNet and IMPACT Projects of Family Health International that was supported with funding from the Bureau for Global Health of USAID. The study documents a successful youth-adult partnership that used youth-led Participatory Learning and Action (PLA) as an effective methodology for empowering young people to communicate with each other and with adults about their sexual and reproductive health needs. Drawing on youth perspectives and input from all regions of the country to influence national policies and services, the methodology ensured that young people had the skills and tools to facilitate a national process of needs assessment and situation analysis. The approach provides more authentic data and experiences of youth in the area of sexuality to policymakers than is generally available from survey and focus group research. Several issues identified through the analysis of the case study provide guidance for successful implementation of this model for youth involvement elsewhere.
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