Ministry of Health, 2012. 45 p.
Grenada. Ministry of Health
Final version
The strategic priorities and programmatic orientation of the National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan, 2012-2016 are intended to address outstanding challenges posed by the HIV epidemic in Grenada. The strategic focus is informed by the policy direction of the Medium Term Economic Strategy of the Government of Grenada and is an expression of the collective will of all stakeholders – public sector, private sector, civil society, non-governmental organizations, faith-based organizations, persons living with HIV, trade unions, media. The NSP will strive towards the attainment of the following goals by 2016: Reduction in the number of new HIV infections by 25%; Reduction in mortality due to AIDS by 50%; Reduction in the economic impact of HIV/AIDS on households by 25%. The NSP will focus on six (6) Strategic Priorities that are inherently synergistic and will contribute to an energetic and holistic national HIV response. They are as follows: 1) Creating an enabling environment that will promote and protect human rights; 2) Prevention of HIV transmission; 3) Treatment, care and support of persons living with and affected by HIV; 4) Strengthening the multisectoral response; 5) Strengthening governance and management systems; 6) Research, monitoring and evaluation.
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