Irish Aid, 2008. 32 p.
Irish Aid
The guidelines are intended for use by Irish Aid staff working on poverty alleviation, risk and vulnerability, health, education and HIV issues in country programmes and at regional and HQ levels. They should serve as a guide for policy dialogue and to inform engagement with country governments, regional bodies, other donors, multilateral agencies and NGOs. This guidance document has posited priority issues and responses to children living in the context of HIV and AIDS within four key policy areas already prioritised within Irish Aid. These are POVERTY REDUCTION, HEALTH, EDUCATION, and GOVERNANCE. Hence, a child focus has been built into existing policy actions identified within the four policy priority areas above. Irish Aid's response to children is governed by six good practice standards, i) child rights; ii) child protection; iii) child participation; iv) child poverty lens/pro-poor approach; v) lifecycle, gender and disability sensitivity; vi) keeping families together, and vii) use of language. Irish Aid will ensure that multilateral, bilateral, civil society and programmatic responses supported by Irish Aid will incorporate these standards where applicable and practicable. This standard is fundamental to Irish Aid's response and provides the benchmark through which implementation will be monitored and evaluated.
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