Kenya. Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation, 2008. 54 p.
Kenya. Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation
Kenya. National AIDS and STD Control Programme, NASCOP
HIV testing and counselling (HTC) is the main entry point to prevention, care and treatment. These guidelines were developed in the context of existing Kenyan laws and policies, especially the HIV and AIDS Prevention and Control Act (2006). They support the provision of HTC to children, youth, and adults, according to the circumstances described herein. The guidelines retained key policy issues that were in previous guidelines, but they have outlined some of the emerging evidence based approaches and lessons learnt in the implementation of HTC in the last eight years. The issue of quality has been highlighted as critical in HTC. There are quality issues in both counselling as well as testing. The attainment of high quality services is dependent on a good work force, in this case made up of health care workers, professional and lay counsellors. Quality testing leans on a well functioning national laboratory infrastructure and network. Effective support systems must also be in place, including test kit logistics and monitoring, and timely reporting.
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