Maseru: 2010. 32 p.
Lesotho. National AIDS Commission
Lesotho. Ministry of Health and Social Welfare
The national BCC strategy was developed in collaboration with HIV and AIDS stakeholders and has since been disseminated at national and district levels. The strategy is one of the prevention oriented implementation components on HIV and AIDS for the country as outlined in the National Strategic Plan. Changing of high risk behaviours has been identified as one of the critical prevention tools for reducing new HIV infections. The Strategy provides a framework for behaviour change that is practical and addresses the realities of the Basotho nation. It is therefore designed to assist Basotho adopt healthy behaviours and sustainable lifestyle changes to slow down the epidemic through reduction of new HIV infections. To achieve the objectives of the strategy, it became imperative to develop guidelines which would guide the implementation of the BCC strategy. These guidelines have been developed in collaboration with relevant stakeholders to assist implementers in their interventions for the various target audiences of the BCC strategy. The guidelines provide key areas to be covered under each target group and outline barriers to positive behaviour change as well as benefits to be gained in adopting positive behaviours by the target audiences. The availability of the guidelines will therefore enhance the implementation of the Strategy in terms of relevance to the target groups and critical areas of focus to achieve maximum results.
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