Georgetown: Ministry of Health, National AIDS Programme Secretariat, UNAIDS, 2010. 35 p.
Guyana. Ministry of Health, National AIDS Programme Secretariat
In Guyana, the National AIDS Programme Secretariat of the Ministry of Health (NAPS/MOH) is the national HIV coordinating authority that leads the way in strengthening the national HIV prevention response, whilst ensuring that those most vulnerable to HIV infection and those living with HIV are meaningfully involved in this response. As indicated by the Minister of Health, good quality HIV prevention standards are necessary for building an HIV prevention infrastructure. The Standards that we have developed in Guyana were formulated based on expertise and opinions of a wide range of selected professionals, as well as drawing on the views and experience of users. Each of the Guyana National HIV Prevention Principles is accompanied by a quality Standard, which articulates the purpose of the desired prevention outcome. Every Standard summarises "what" needs to be achieved, while the recommended Guidelines for each standard outline "how" these standards can be achieved and sustained.
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