Bangkok: UNESCO, 1998. 38 p. + 58 p.
UNESCO Office Bangkok and Regional Bureau for Education in Asia and the Pacific PROAP
This handbook is the result of an information repackaging programme of the Regional Clearing House on Population Education. It is developed for educators, information providers, counsellors, service providers and peer educators. It will serve as a reference tool, which will provide guidelines, teaching/training strategies and actual sample lessons or activities to be used in counselling and educating adolescents in various aspects of reproductive and sexual health. The first volume focuses on the demographic profile of the adolescents, their sexual behaviour, incidence of STD's, HIV/AIDS, teen pregnancy and abortion. It also analyzes the factors and problems associated with adolescent reproductive and sexual health as well as the causes of the unhealthy development of adolescents. The second volume provides strategies, techniques and guidelines for integrating contents on adolescent reproductive and sexual health into the curriculum. It provides a comprehensive analysis of the gaps and problems in introducing reproductive and sexuality issues into the curriculum, the response of the countries and the need for carrying out a more systematic programme on it all. Its Contents are: Book 1: Understanding the adolescents and their reproductive and sexual health: a guide to better educational strategies. Book 2: Strategies and materials on adolescent reproductive and sexual health education.
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