Lilongwe: National AIDS Commission, 2009. 40 p.
Malawi. National AIDS Commission
These guidelines aim at providing a step by step appraoch to the HIV and AIDS mainstreaming process for public, private and civil society organisations. They have been developed taking into consideration the differences in the conext and processes at policy and macro level, sectoral level, decentralised level, in private sector, and civil society organisations. The guidelines contain the following sections: a) Introduction: this section outlines the background information on HIV and AIDS; the purpose of the guidelines; the intended users of the guidelines and how the guidelines can be used. b) Mainstreaming definition and objectives: this section contains the definitions of mainstreaming HIV and AIDS and objectives for mainstreaming HIV and AIDS; c) Mainstreaming guiding principles: this gives an outlines of the steps in the process of mainstreaming, the issues to be considered and the questions to be asked and addressed; d) Mainstreaming at various levels: this section looks at mainstreaming HIV and AIDS at various levels - at macro and policy level, line ministry level, local assembly level, private sector level and civil society organisation level; e) Monitoring and evaluation: this section outlines the main questions and issues to be considered in monitoring and evaluating mainstreaming initiatives. These include a proposed mainstreaming checklist; and output, outcome, and impact indicators for mainstreaming HIV and AIDS.
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