United States Agency for International Development, USAID. Malawi, 2008. 49 p.
Evans, R. Lynn
United States Agency for International Development, USAID. Malawi
Miske Witt & Associates
American Institutes for Research
Malawi Teacher Training Activity
The HIV and AIDS School Club Initiative (HASCI) is a pilot component of the Malawi Teacher Training Activity (MTTA) project, supported through USAID/Malawi PEPFAR funds. The initiative aims at enhancing USAID/Malawi's education support, by promoting a school-based anti-AIDS campaign, focusing particularly on school-community and intergenerational dialogue about important issues regarding the prevention of HIV and AIDS, with a special focus on abstinence and being faithful. Through the formation and support of Mphamvu Kwa Achinyamata (MKA or Power to the Youth) Clubs, the project combines an anti-AIDS campaign with opportunities for life skills and career skills development for youth by involving them in sensitization and service learning activities in the community.
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