Geneva: UNAIDS, 2000. 108 p.
The Phayao province's progress in battling HIV/AIDS provides a good example of the need to rethink health-care management. People, not institutions, decide whether to change their sexual, economic and social behaviour. Hence, the single most important role of government and nongovernmental organizations is to strengthen the capacity of people to assess how HIV/AIDS affects their lives, what action is required, and what can be learned from their actions. This report documents the HIV/AIDS crisis in Phayao--a small province adjacent to the Lao People's Demographic Republic that has seen the silent spread of HIV/AIDS since the late 80s. It provides information on the disease's impact on the people, plus the individual, community and government responses. This study documents how the people of Phayao reached the conclusion that profound health-care reforms are needed, and what steps they plan to take for the future.
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