UNFPA, UNAIDS, Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers, 2012. 147 p.
Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers
The purpose of this resource is to: document and share programming and advocacy experience from across the Asia-Pacific region that can guide programming and advocacy efforts to respond effectively to HIV in the context of sex work; provide detailed case studies that illustrate the ways in which programmes and advocacy interventions were designed and delivered to address various elements of a comprehensive response; identify lessons learned, gaps and challenges and key considerations for strengthening and scaling up comprehensive and effective responses in the region. Part 1 provides a brief summary of the key lessons learned and gaps and challenges in delivering and scaling up evidence and rights-based responses in the Asia-Pacific region. This analysis is largely drawn from the experiences, lessons and reflections identified in the case studies, supplemented by a desk review of related programming experience and research. Part 2 provides eleven detailed case studies on HIV and sex work interventions from seven countries in the Asia-Pacific region - Bangladesh, China, Fiji, India, Myanmar, Nepal and Thailand.
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