BMJ, 2006. 4 p.
Makhlouf Obermeyer, Carla
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BMJ, Volume 333, 21 October 2006
HIV in the Middle East is a short article written by C. Makhlouf Obermeyer from the Department of HIV/AIDS of the WHO in Geneva, Switzerland, in 2006. It summarizes what is known about the HIV epidemic in the Middle East and north Africa region and examines the extent to which lower prevalence can be attributed to cultural factors, particularly those related to the practice of Islam and gender. To summarize, the article concludes that: i) current evidence suggests the prevalence of HIV in the Middle East and Africa is low; ii) Low alcohol fir this low prevalence intake and male circumcision may account for this low prevalence but there is no room for complacency; iii) women are infected with HIV at a younger age than men due to gender inequality and their increased vulnerability; and vi) stigma and discrimination need to be overcome, public discussion of HIV/AIDS promoted and safe behaviors encouraged.
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