2010. 90 p.
This toolkit aims to provide information and guidance, primarily, to national governments. It is written with low and middle-income countries in mind, but it will also be a useful resource for high-income countries. Its focus is on HIV, but it recognizes that other diseases linked to HIV, in particular hepatitis and tuberculosis, also represent serious problems in prisons. The toolkit is divided into two sections. The first section provides a description of the characteristics of HIV in prisons, prisoners' unique requirements and principles of assessments. This section is aimed mainly at national government decision makers, prison administration and steering committee members. The second part provides the substantive tools for a multidisciplinary approach to situation and needs assessments. It is based on the requirements of international law and standards and ethics, scientific evidence and best practice experience. It complements a series of other documents produced by United Nations agencies and refers to them and to other documents, for additional information on HIV in prisons.
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