Geneva: 2005. 74 p.
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Stigmatisation, discrimination et violations des droits de l'homme associées au VIH. Etudes de cas des interventions réussies
Violaciones de los derechos humanos, estigma y discriminación relacionados con el VIH. Estudios de caso de intervenciones exitosas
UNAIDS Best Practice Collection
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From the start of the AIDS epidemic, stigma and discrimination have fuelled the transmission of HIV and have greatly increased the negative impact associated with the epidemic. HIV-related stigma and discrimination continue to be manifest in every country and region of the world, creating major barriers to preventing further infection, alleviating impact and providing adequate care, support and treatment. Projects, programmes and activities in a range of countries have innovatively challenged HIV-related stigma, discrimination and human rights violations. This publication documents case studies of successful action addressing HIV-related human rights violations, stigma and discrimination. Several of the local programmes described in the case studies are in the process of being scaled up in recognition of their benefit to people living with HIV and the communities in which they live.
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