Bangkok: UNESCO Bangkok, 2004. 53 p.
Villanueva, Carmelita L.
Ravesloot, Bruce
Ngo, Thanh Loan
UNESCO Office Bangkok and Regional Bureau for Education in Asia and the Pacific, HIV/AIDS Clearing House
Asian Development Bank, ADB
This report contains information on ways to prevent sexually transmitted diseases through education in the greater Mekong sub region. It contains information on HIV/AIDS in the GMS: a cross-border problem; ADB-SEAMEO-UNESCO: a cross-border solution; Activities under the ADB-SEAMEO-UNESCO project; Latest happenings; HIV/AIDS country watch in the GMS: the national response to HIV/AIDS; HIV/AIDS hot spots in the GMS: country focus; Strategies with impact; Cross-border policy focus; What is UNESCO doing in the field of HIV/AIDS?; Calendar of HIV/AIDS related events in Asia and the Pacific: 2004; Web reviews; Selected publications on HIV/AIDS in the GMS; Selected references on educational materials on HIV/AIDS; and Who's who in the field of HIV/AIDS in the GMS.
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