Durban: University of Natal, Health Economics and HIV/AIDS Research Division, HEARD, 2003. 59 p.
Elsey, Helen
Kutengule, Prisca
This resource pack brings together experiences, ideas and strategies for mainstreaming HIV/AIDS into government sector ministries at all levels, whether national, regional or district. The pack uses experiences and ideas which come mainly from countries currently working through sector-wide approaches (SWAps) and may be of particular use to countries and sectors also using this approach. The two main aims of the pack are: To contribute to clarity of understanding of HIV/AIDS mainstreaming, To share experiences and strategies from those who have beenmainstreaming HIV/AIDS in practice within government sectors. The pack is aimed at managers and decision-makers within government ministries, at all levels, who are devising strategies to mainstream HIV and AIDS within their sectors. The pack also targets HIV/AIDS Focal Points within sector ministries, however, the working-group felt it was important to target higher level managers and decision-makers, as focal points may often not have the power and influence to make the necessary changes on their own. In addition, the pack may be useful for other stakeholders working within sectors, such as donor agencies and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).
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