2003. 25 p.
Papua New Guinea. Government
The HIV/AIDS Management and Prevention Act 2003 was passed in 2003; its main purpose is to manage and provide avenues towards prevention and spread of HIV/AIDS. The objectives of the act are : 1. protect the privacy; liberty and mobility rights of persons infected or affected by HIV/AIDS; 2. provide an atmosphere where persons are encouraged to go in for voluntary testing and post-test counseling and support services; 3. prevents mandatory HIV testing; 4. safeguards confidentiality; 5. empowers an affected person to seek redress from the Courts; 6. allows for penalties to be imposed by the Courts either through a monetary fine, a jail term or both. The Act imposes a duty of "reasonable care" on the part of a PLWHA and the duty to disclose one's HIV positive status to all intended sexual partners. It is an offence to discriminate against or stigmatize a person infected or affected by HIV/AIDS whether in terms of employment, partnerships, professional or sporting organizations, education, provision of accommodation or housing and provision of or access to goods, services and public facilities. And finally where there are instances of any form of discrimination or failure to exercise "reasonable care" in disclosure of one's status, it empowers the Court to impose penalties where appropriate. Finally, the Act recognizes and deals with situations and circumstances of an affected person in a humane and protective manner and at the time places a duty on all affected persons to be responsible for their behaviours when dealing with other members of the community.
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