2005. 100 p.
Nigeria. National Action Committee on HIV and AIDS
The National Strategic Framework Goal is to reduce HIV/AIDS incidence and prevalence by at least 25%, and provide equitable prevention, care, treatment, and support while mitigating its impact amongst women, children and other vulnerable groups and the general population in Nigeria by 2009.The objectives are as follows:OBJECTIVE 1: To increase programme implementation rate by 50% from 2005 to 2009 through improved coordination mechanisms and effective mobilization and utilization of resources.OBJECTIVE 2: To have 95% of the general population make the appropriate behavioral changes (safe sex, abstinence etc through social mobilization by 2009.OBJECTIVE 3: To increase access to comprehensive gender-sensitive prevention, care, treatment and support services for the general population, PLWAs and orphans and vulnerable children by 50% in 2009, and mitigate HIV/AIDS impact on the health sector.OBJECTIVE 4: To increase gender-sensitive non-health sectoral responses for the mitigation of the impact of HIV/AIDS by 50%.OBJECTIVE 5: To have 95% of specific groups make the appropriate behavioral changes (safe sex, abstinence etc) through social mobilization by 2009.OBJECTIVE 6: To strengthen national capacity for monitoring and evaluation of the HIV/AIDS response such that the national monitoring and evaluation plan is 100% implemented by 2009.OBJECTIVE 7: To build national capacity for research, knowledge sharing, and the acquisition and utilization of new HIV/AIDS technologies.OBJECTIVE 8: To create an enabling social, legal and policy environment by a 50% increase in the number of reviewed and operational gender-sensitive and human rights-friendly policies, legislations and the enforcement of laws that protect the rights of the general population, particularly PLWAs, by the year 2009.The document is available from the NACA website address below.
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