2008. 19 p.
Kashima, Simone
de Castro, Fabíola Attié
de Castro Amarante, Fernanda
Barbieri, Marisa Ramos
Covas, Dimas Tadeu
Grupo ProSeguir
Periodical title: 
Journal of HIV/AIDS Prevention in Children and Youth (9) 1
Considering the fact that information on HIV/AIDS is a strategy for disease control, this project was planned to provide comprehensive information about HIV infection and AIDS to schoolteachers and their students. Previous analysis of adolescent students' knowledge of HIV/AIDS showed that they still have doubts about transmission, diagnosis, and treatment. Thus we provided them with dynamic educational activities on the subject. Schoolteachers, students, and researchers worked together for 3 years developing HIV/AIDS educational material and activities such as theater plays, a first reader, games, and musical performances. The material produced by schoolteachers, students, and researchers in this multidisciplinary approach should be a way to promote prevention by fostering reflection and discussion regarding the disease process, HIV infection, and an understanding of the disease transmission. These creative, interactive activities may improve understanding on HIV/AIDS, and enhance school community assurance through the diffusion of information on HIV/AIDS to Brazilian society.
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