Beijing: UNAIDS, WHO, 2005. 75 p.
The HIV/AIDS Strategic Information Framework is intended as a tool to support policymakers and key officials at the national and provincial levels. Application of this framework is meant to: Support monitoring of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in China; Guide the collection of strategic information from multiple sources; Help identify gaps in currently available information and how to fill them; Strengthen the evidence base for effective HIV/AIDS policies; Permit the evaluation of efforts to scale up HIV/AIDS programmes; and Ensure accountability in the use of resources. The Framework promotes the use of both qualitative and quantitative information from different sources to support evidence-based policy-making. In combination with suggested qualitative assessments, the quantitative indicators included in the Framework can be used to review progress in HIV/AIDS work on a regular basis. In addition to identifying key indicators, the Framework provides guidance on how to collect and interpret the data needed to construct these indicators. Although much of the information is available from existing data sources, specific areas will require special surveys or the strengthening of existing data collection methods.
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