2006. 156 p.
Over, Mead
Heywood, Peter
Gold, Julian
Gupta, Indrani
Hira, Subhash
Marseille, Elliot
This publication by the World Bank analyses three alternative plans for using and financing antiretroviral therapy (ART) in India. The three policies analyzed in this document include a minimalist policy in which the government strengthens private sector delivery, an intermediate policy of providing treatment for mothers who have AIDS and their spouses, and a generous policy of providing treatment to the poorest 40 percent of all AIDS patients. An increasingly strong and vocal lobby of national and international interest groups and agencies is urging the government to use public money to make antiretroviral therapy widely accessible. Even at current prices doing so would require a substantial increase in government health expenditures. The government faces several policy questions. It must determine how much of its budget to allocate to health, how much of its health budget to allocate to AIDS, and how much of its AIDS budget to devote to antiretroviral therapy.
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