Oslo: Nordic Institute for Women's Studies and Gender Research, 2000. 54 p., illus.
Living for Tomorrow
Nordic Institute for Women's Studies and Gender Research
This booklet aims to provoke discussions about gender issues; to stimulate questions about attitudes of men and women and to provide some practical information about some aspects of sexual safety that is required for today's young people to live 'safer tomorrows.' It was written by teenagers for teenagers, aged 15 to 17, from Russian and Estonian schools in Estonia, who took part in workshops run by "Living for Tomorrow" (a pilot action/research project of the Nordic Institute for Women's Studies and Gender Research). It is written in three languages and contains the following 12 sections: 1) Being a man or a woman; 2) Attraction; 3) Stereotypes; 4) Jobs men and women do; 5) Why young people have sex; 6) HIV and AIDS; 7) Marriage and family 8) Condoms I; 9) Condoms II; 10) Excuses; 11) Vocabulary; and 12) Further information. The vocabulary section contains words in English, Russian and Estonian related to sex, gender and sexual safety. It also provides definitions and translation for each of these words.
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