International Planned Parenthood Federation, 2002. 6 p.
International Planned Parenthood Federation, IPPF
This tool is designed for self-assessment and permits to answer to the question: How gender sensitive are your HIV prevention programs and services? The "Continuum" of gender sensitivity has been developed to increase understanding of the types of issues that can be incorporated into programs, in order to assess and then improve their degree of gender sensitivity. As SRH organizations begin to speak with family planning clients about HIV prevention they can evaluate specific issues, including the following: - Do your programs address vulnerability to HIV by examining the social forces - as well as the biological factors - that predispose women to risk for HIV?- Do your programs assess and respond to women's need for negotiation and decision-making skills as they relate to condom use? - Do providers and counselors make explicit the connections between HIV and gender-based violence? - Do providers and counselors link women, programs and services with other groups that work in related areas of women's rights?
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