2002. 9 p.
Chifunyisea, Tisa
Benoyb, Heather
Mukiibic, Betty
Periodical title: 
Evaluation and Program Planning, 25
Zimbabwe introduced a nation-wide program to teach AIDS education in 1994. This paper evaluates changes in student teachers' level of knowledge about transmission, symptoms and prevention of STDs and HIV/AIDS; their attitude towards persons living with AIDS; and their sensitivity to the impact of the epidemic and to discussing and teaching about these issues. There was an increase in knowledge of HIV prevention and in teachers' ability to discuss reproductive health and sexual issues. However, as students were exposed to other HIV material outside the programme, not all of this change is due to the programme. Course attendance needed to be enforced and the curriculum needed to be updated with student participation. Peer educators and participatory techniques are needed to get students to internalise positive attitudes and behaviour. The education materials need to address the lack of female empowerment in making decisions and negotiating for safer sex.
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