Bangkok: 2002. 26 p.
Wijngaarden, Jan
Shaeffer, Sheldon
UNESCO Office Bangkok
Anticipating the Impact of AIDS on the Education sector in Asia, Bangkok, Thailand, 12-14 December 2002, 2002
This paper aims to take a closer look at the impact of the epidemic on children (0-18 years old), which is growing, by reviewing and synthesizing several research studies that have been conducted over the years in the Asia-Pacific region. Since no specific research studies on the impact of AIDS on education have been conducted in the this region, it will then look at implications of the findings in these studies for the education sector - looking at access to education for children affected by the epidemic, but also looking at the demand and supply-side, the quality of education and planning and management issues. In the final section of the paper, there is a identification of gaps in knowledge and understanding of the impact of AIDS on the education sector by outlining some questions for future research.
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