The Joint Economics AIDS and Poverty Programme, 2005. 266 p.
Booysen, F. le R.
Bachmann, M.
Pelser, A.
University of the Free State
Centre for Health Systems Rsearch and Development
Final report
The project aims to determine the magnitude of the impact on and the implications of the HIV/AIDS epidemic on the University of the Free State (UFS), while, in the process informing its response to the epidemic. The project has the following broad objectives: to audit and critically assess the existing HIV/AIDS strategies and responses of UFS by means of an institutional audit to determine the susceptibility of UFS to the future impact of HIV/AIDS by means of an institutional audit; to collect information about the needs and constraints faced by staff, students, community organisations and management in coping with the epidemic, as well as the manner in which these groups think these needs and constraints should be addressed; to conduct epidemiological and demographic modelling to project the future impact of HIV/AIDS incidence and mortality in UFS; to estimate the future cost of HIV/AIDS to UFS over the next ten years, distinguishing between aggregate cost, cost per AIDS death, cost per employee, and costs as percentage of wages/salaries; to integrate the research findings into recommendations for the strategic management of the future impact of HIV/AIDS by UFS, outlining different alternatives and scenarios
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