2002. 153 p.
Malawi Institute of Management
In July 2001, the Government, in collaboration with UNDP and UNAIDS, commissioned the Malawi Institute of Management to undertake an HIV/AIDS impact assessment study in the Public Service, covering the Ministries of Health, Education, Agriculture and Water Development, as well as the Malawi Police Service. The exercise was conducted in a consultative manner, with the involvement of all key stakeholders. This report presents the findings of the study which covers the period 1990-2000. The report reveals that HIV/AIDS is the major cause of deaths in the public service. It goes on to recommend the introduction of HIV/AIDS prevention and mitigation measures in the Public Service for a sustained reduction in the incidence of the disease not only in the sectors studied but across the entire public sector. A similar impact assessment on the broader rural sector was carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture with support from the Food and Agricultural Organization ndfinancing from the United Nations Development Programme. Until this study, there has been no assessment of the impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic on the public service to enable government adopt feasible and sustainable interventions, and also formulate sound human development policies and succession plans for further strengthening of the public service. The national response to the impact of HIV/AIDS calls for co-operation of all Malawians if the HIV/AIDS epidemic is to be reduced. For the Public Service, capacity-building initiatives will play a major role in mitigating the impact of the epidemic. The Government will be coming up with various measures to address the recommendations of the report.
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