Botswana. Ministry of Education, UK. Department for International Development, DFID, 2000. 168 p.
Bennell, Paul
Chilisa, Bagele
Hyde, Karin A. L.
Makgothi, Archie
Molobe, Enni
Mpotokwane, Limpet
This report presents the findings of an impact assessment of HIV/AIDS on primary and secondary schooling in Botswana. It was done as part of a three country study comprising Malawi and Uganda. On the basis of this assessment, the report then outlines a comprehensive strategy that will effectively mitigate the likely impacts of this scourge on the education sector.The report is structured around the following three areas of impact: the impact of school-based HIV/AIDS education in preventing the further spread of the virus among children and youththe actual and likely future impact of HIV/AIDS on children, particularly among those who are most directly affected, namely, orphans, carers, and children who are HIV positive;the actual and likely impact of HIV/AIDS on teachers and other staff employed by the Ministry of Education.A six-person team undertook this study between March and October 2000. Three types of data were collected: quantitative and qualitative information from a representative sample of primary and secondary schools in two districts (Kweneng East and North East), confidential interviews with senior managers and other professional staff in the MoE, other relevant ministries and civil society organisations, and secondary data from a variety of sources.
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