2012. 10 p.
Ghanotakis, Elena
Peacock, Dean
Wilcher, Rose
Periodical title: 
Journal of the International AIDS Society
The recently launched ‘‘Global Plan towards the Elimination of New HIV Infections among Children by 2015 and Keeping their Mothers Alive’’ sets forth ambitious targets that will require more widespread implementation of comprehensive prevention of vertical HIV transmission (PMTCT) programmes. As PMTCT policymakers and implementers work toward these new goals, increased attention must be paid to the role that gender inequality plays in limiting PMTCT programmatic progress. A growing body of evidence suggests that gender inequality, including gender-based violence, is a key obstacle to better outcomes related to all four components of a comprehensive PMTCT programme. In light of this evidence, the article suggests that global health donors and international bodies are increasingly recognizing that it is critical to address the gender disparities that put women and children at increased risk of HIV and impede their access to care.
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