Washington DC: Population Council, 2008. 136 p.
Oanh, Khuat Thi Hai
Ashburn, Kim
Pulerwitz, Julie
Ogden, Jessica
Nyblade, Laura
United States Agency for International Development, USAID
Institute for Social Development Studies
International Center for Research on Women, ICRW
Population Council/Horizons
In Feburary 2008, Insitute for Social Development Studies and International Center for Research on Women, Horizons Program published the book: "Improving Hospital-based Quality of Care in Vietnam by Reducing HIV-related Stigma and Discrimination." The purpose of this book is to give information on reducing stigma and discrimination related to HIV and to improve the quality of care the healthcare setting in Viet Nam. The content of this book is the result from the intervention research in four hospitals in Viet Nam. This intervention research was designed to address the two fundamental causes of HIV-related stigma: 1) fear of casual transmission; and 2) negative value/social judgments and associations between HIV and certain behaviors and groups, such as sex workers and injecting drug users. The results show: reducing stigma and discrimination can contribute to improve the quality of care for HIV patients. Besides the approach of reducing stigma and discrimination in healthcare setting should not only need to cover the all working environment but also need to reach to all the health workers in that hospital. The book includes 50 pages with the following chapters: Executive summary, Introduction, Methodology, Research and intervention design, Intervention results, and Conclusions.
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