2008. 51 p.
Aggleton, Peter
Bharat, Shalini
Dobunaba, Felecia
Drew, Roger
Wignall, Steve
The Government of Papua New Guinea (GoPNG) has endorsed a National Strategic Plan (NSP) for HIV and AIDS 2006 to 2010. An annual planning exercise for the implementation of the NSP is undertaken each year which aims to bring stakeholders together into one planning cycle. The outcome of the process is intended to be an approved GoPNG HIV Development Budget and Plan for the coming year containing details of funded activities to support NSP implementation. An independent and transparent mechanism for the review of the national response to HIV and AIDS, the Independent Review Group (IRG), was established in 2007 to assess performance and to fulfil the Global Task Team's recommendations for accountability and oversight. This group conducts a periodic higher level assessment, reviewing performance of planned activities against NSP objectives.
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