Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS, 2007. 24 p.
Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS
Globally, 1.7 billion young people aged 10-24 make up one quarter of the world's population. Approximately 40% of all new HIV infections occur among young people between 15-24 years of age, and there are 5.4 million young people living with HIV. Young people are the face of HIV. We are at higher risk of HIV infection because we lack access to the crucial information, education, and services to protect themselves. However, our needs are often ignored when data is collected and strategies on HIV and AIDS are drafted, policies developed, and budgets allocated. With only two years left to achieve the UNGASS goals and targets, young people are actively participating in the tracking and reporting of UNGASS commitments. In 2008, these young people have produced 10 UNGASS Youth Shadow Reports to present at the UNGASS, in its seven-year review. Their research, findings and analysis will set the tone for needs and priorities that must be taken into account during the UNGASS High Level Meetings next week at the UN Secretariat in New York. In just two years, the world will evaluate ten years of work toward "Universal Access by 2010" to HIV and AIDS prevention, care and treatment. While progress has been made in several areas of the AIDS response, the targets laid out so ambitiously for youth in the 2001 Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS (DoC) will be unmet by drastic margins; indeed, 7 years later, few governments even bother to collect data specifically on youth.
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