2003. 33 p.
Indonesia. Office of the Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare
The national response to HIV/ AIDS reflects Indonesia's participation in fulfilling international commitments, specifically the resolutions set forth in the UNGASS and ASEAN Declarations on HIV/ AIDS in 2001. HIV/ AIDS was also discussed in a special cabinet session in March 2002. In this context, a greater role for PLHA needs special consideration. Based on comprehensive review of the literature and extensive consultation with related parties and specialists, seven program priority areas for the next 5 years have been identified: 1. HIV/ AIDS Prevention, 2. Care, Treatment and Support for PLHA, 3. HIV/ AIDS and STI Surveillance, 4. Operational Studies and Research, 5. Enabling Environments, 6. Multi-stakeholder Coordination, 7. A Sustainable Response. This National Strategy sets forth the principles of the HIV/ AIDS response as the primary reference or guidelines for everyone involved in HIV/AIDS prevention and control. The roles and responsibilities of the parties involved are clearly presented and reflect, among other things, the significant roles played by executors at regional level, including the House of Representatives and Regional Legislative Councils, nongovernment and community-based organizations, and the private sector/ business community.
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