Geneva: UNAIDS, 2001. 49 p.
UNAIDS Best Practice Collection
Written for UNAIDS by Health Information Consulting
Over the last decade developed countries have experienced a transformation in the scope and reach of information technologies and infrastructures. However, this digital revolution has been slow to materialize in developing countries, further marginalizing them and creating a digital divide. Innovative ways must be explored to leverage these new technologies for a range of development opportunities in the HIV/AIDS field from distance learning to bringing basic HIV/AIDS prevention information to patients and practitioners. Harnessed to its full potential, basic e-mail and Internet facilities can serve as a powerful tool in the prevention of HIV/AIDS. In South-East Asia, UNAIDS has coordinated an infoDev project, a global grant programme funded and managed by the World Bank to promote innovative projects on the use of information technologies with a special emphasis on the needs of the poor in developing countries.
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