Ginebra: ONUSIDA, 2006. 56 p.
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Intensification de la prévention du VIH : ONUSIDA document d'orientation politique
Intensificación de la prevención del VIH: documento de posición de política del ONUSIDA
Усиление профилактики ВИЧ. Позиционный документ ЮНЭЙДС по вопросам политики
Intensificação de prevenção do HIV: documento de posição política do ONUSIDA
The primary goal of this policy position paper is to energize and mobilize an intensification of HIV prevention with an ultimate aim of universal access to HIV prevention and treatment. The paper defines the central actions that must be taken to arrest the spread of new HIV infections. It identifies what needs to be done to speedily and effectively bridge the HIV prevention gap, building on synergies between HIV prevention and care, and to ensure the sustainability of HIV treatment scale-up in the present context. It highlights the role of UNAIDS, in relation to intensifying HIV prevention and points the ways in which jointly supportive action can be achieved. This paper is directed towards all those who have a leadership role in HIV prevention, treatment and care.
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