New Horizon Printing Press, 2006. 72 p.
Zambia. Government
One in six Zambians lives with HIV. Due to the scale and severity of the pandemic in Zambia, interlinked with the other challenges of poverty, household food insecurity, gender inequalities and weakened public sector institutional capacity, the United Nations Country Team (UNCT) has placed HIV and AIDS at the top of its agenda. Most Millennium Development Goals will not be achieved in Zambia unless the response is scaled up. The Joint UN Team on AIDS has developed a Joint UN Programme of Support on AIDS that includes a results matrix on AIDS for 2007-2010, an annual work plan for 2007, a technical support plan for 2007 and a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) matrix for 2007-2010. The substance of the Programme of Support includes strategically prioritized tasks of Zambia's National AIDS Strategic Framework 2006-2010 that are most aligned with the comparative advantages of the 13 UN organisations present in Zambia.
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