2010. 137 p.
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The Journal of Sexual Medicine, volume 7, supplement 5
Presentation of a series of nine papers from the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior (NSSHB), a nationally representative study of the sexual and sexual healthrelated behaviors of 5,865 adolescents and adults in the U.S. Our team, based at the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University, and representing the disciplines of public health, psychology, medicine, and gender studies, sought to conduct a study that would provide a contemporary snapshot of sexual behaviors, condom and contraceptive use, and sexual health of the U.S. population. We sought to do so in a way that would build upon the traditions of sexology pioneered by Kinsey and that have been advanced by generations of sexual and public health researchers over the past 60 years. Our aim was to be considerate of a developmental and age cohort perspective on human sexual behavior and, as a result, we collected data from individuals across ages that span 80 years (14 to 94 years). We also sought to merge the methodological and measurement advances made by sexual and public health with those now available given the utility of the Internet as a research tool for overcoming the challenges posed by traditional forms of probability-based sampling.
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