Nairobi: KENEPOTE, 2004. 74 p.
United States Agency for International Development, USAID
POLICY Project
This is a report of the first workshop ever held in Kenya for HIV-positive teachers, between 13th and 18th December 2004. It was organised by the Kenya Network of Positive Teachers (KENEPOTE) and the POLICY Project with support from USAID. The 60 HIV positive teachers attending came from all Kenyan provinces. The December 2004 workshop's goal was to sensitise HIV-positive teachers and important education sector stakeholders on KENEPOTE Goals, Vision, Mission and Objectives. The Workshop further hoped to get HIV positive teachers to share their work-place and life experiences and to explore ways in which they could unite to address the challenges facing them, given their great potential as Kenyan agents of change.The Workshop participants concluded that KENEPOTE must immediately address thefollowing three priority objectives:reduce stigma and discrimination against teachers living with HIV and AIDS; intensify advocacy and lobbying for protection of the rights of teachers living with HIV and AIDS; and strengthen the capacity of KENEPOTE as a network acting in the best interests of HIV-positive teachers to ensure implementation of these objectives in an efficient, effective and transparent manner.
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