2008. 59 p.
Kenya. Ministry of Medical Services
The Kenya National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan (KNASP) and the National Health Sector Strategic Plan II (NHSSP II) for 2005 2010 provide the framework for the country's response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The nutrition and HIV/AIDS agenda is driven by the three priority areas in the KNASP, but the main priority is improvement of the quality of life of people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS (Priority Area 2). The goal of nutritional interventions is to improve nutrition, health, quality of life and duration of survival of people infected with HIV. The targets for the period include strengthening the capacity of service providers to ensure that over 75 percent of PLWHA receive nutrition education and counselling and raising the proportion of hospitals that offer therapeutic nutritional care to 80 percent. This is intended to ensure provision of appropriate nutritional care, including supplements to all PLWHAwho are eligible to receive them.
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