Tonga Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) Committee, 2009. 34 p.
Tonga. Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM) Committee
The Plan proposes a safer and more resilient Tongan population working together in the treatment, care and support of those living with HIV - and help prevent the spread of STIs, HIV and other communicable diseases so that people can live free and healthy lives in dignity and unity in a peaceful and prosperous Tonga. Its goal is to reduce the spread and impact of HIV and other STIs through a whole-of- country approach, while embracing the groups that are most at risk such as people living with and affected by HIV and Other STIs. The Plan outlines strategies and actions to address HIV and Other STIs by implementing actions in the following five Focus Areas: 1) Prevention of HIV and STIs; 2) Treatment care and support; 3) Creating an enabling environment; 4) Monitoring and Evaluation; 5) Management and co-ordination.
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