Kiribati HIV/AIDS/TB Task Force, 2005. 30 p.
Kiribati HIV/AIDS/TB Task Force
The Kiribati STI and HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan 2005 – 2008 is an update of the Kiribati STI and HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan 2000 and addresses the prevention, treatment, care and support needs of I-Kiribati for the period 2005 to 2008. Changes have been made to correspond to the present situation, and to create multi-sectoral responses to HIV that focus on the following priority areas: treatment, care and support; prevention of transmission, coordination of national response. The national response aims to reduce HIV prevalence in I-Kiribati, improve access to treatment, support and care for those people living with HIV, their families and others affected, and decrease stigma and discrimination in the health system and the wider community.
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