Pretoria: Centre for the Study of AIDS, University of Pretoria, 2012.
Stadler, Jonathan
Saethre, Eirik
In this Review – Off label – the experience of participants in a microcode trial is analysed, operating from the idea that “as condoms and gels are employed (or not employed) in people’s everyday lives, these technologies acquire their own unique signification. In some cases, these meanings could be quite different to those intended by health care professionals”. These meanings and explanations are ‘off label’ in that while the health care professionals believe that the ways in which a trial will unfold and be experienced is based on how well the professionals understand the trial and the participants, it is the participants who take the intervention, interpret it, transform it, accept or reject it. Participants use trials to re-define themselves as knowledgeable participants and to assert their individuality and choice.
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