HIV and AIDS Data Hub for Asia-Pacific, 2009. 58 p.
Kendal, Megan
HIV and AIDS prevention, treatment, care and surveillance among most-at-risk-populations (MARP) are impacted by national laws and policies. Laws criminalizing behaviours of most-at-risk populations, as well as the absence of protective policies and laws (for example, harm reduction policies, national HIV policies, HIV laws, and constitutional and international provisions supporting human rights) all act as barriers to effective HIV interventions, thus increasing the vulnerability of these groups. This analysis identifies national laws and policies within the region and provides evidence as to how they may increase HIV vulnerability among affect MSM, sex workers and IDUs by making them harder to reach with prevention initiatives. In addition, it will highlight current HIV-related data on MARPs that are likely - at least in part - influenced by the current state of law and policy. Given that the Data Hub for Asia and the Pacific acts as a repository for data on 26 countries and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China in Asia-Pacific, these countries are the focus of this analysis.
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